Little Grizzlies

An Act against Bullying

Bullying is a act of physical or mental coercion performed with the intention of intimidating or harming a person. It is commonly seen in schools, however subtle forms of bullying occur at homes and workplaces too. It is abhorrent and unacceptable, with multiple regulations in place to counter or prevent it. Bullying pivots around the idea of creating fear in the mind of the victim. Jiu Jitsu helps counter bullying by cultivating mental strength and physical alertness.

Jiu Jitsu works for the betterment of the bully and the victim alike. It instills a sense of compassion, humility and makes your child feel responsible for his actions.

bjj mount cross choke

A child unaware of the techniques of self defense may resort to the use of violence to counter the assaults inflicted on him. This counterproductive move may snowball into a dangerously aggressive situation. A more peaceful scenario can be visualized where the victim uses jiu jitsu techniques to control the bully. He counters violent kicks and punches with his own ammo of bjj moves which simply let him gain control of the bully’s body. The act of losing body control is enough to make the bully surrender and negotiate for peace.

Martial Arts for kids

Jiu Jitsu enables you to neutralize the violence without instigating it and waiting for the help to arrive. Its works like a fire-extinguisher by dousing hostile situations. It lets the child use his mental faculties at crucial moments when he is all by himself of herself.

Jiujitsu is just not about physical techniques or some tactics but a way to overcome bullying psychologically too.

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