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The Art of Self defense

Each martial art is based upon a core philosophy. One special skill lays the foundation of every martial art form. What makes jiu jitsu unique is its art of self defense. Jiu jitsu combines the core skills of almost all other forms. This gives the practitioner a holistic skill set. BJJ is like the Swiss Knife of martial arts. It makes you the multi-faceted beast you’ve always wanted to be.

Self defense is an integral component of brazilian jiujitsu. BJJ lessons work as well on a training mat as they work in the outside world. The world as fast paced as it is unfair. A physically threatening situation can pop out of nowhere. This makes self defense not just a option but an absolute necessity.

Self defence technique for women

How Unforeseen confrontations can be voided?



Fight Back

Jiujitsu prepares you to become proficient in all three options, by enhancing mindfulness, motor skills, and technical skills. Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches you many techniques the knowledge for which is hard to obtain anywhere else such as weapon disarming, maintaining the right frame of mind in dangerous situations, and the ability to get the opponent into a choke or submission all of which come in handy when dealing with such a situation.

KC MMA Self Defence Delhi
KC MMA Self Defense Delhi

This course pertains to learning the gentle art in order to master another important art, namely self defense. Our structured courses help you to learn and develop the skills required to defend yourself in any battleground, against any opponent. Self defense for women, men or kids, you name it we have a comprehensive system designed for all.

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