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Family-Friendly environment

A modern school with a family-friendly approach where safety and progression is of the utmost importance.

Wide range of programs

Balance your well-being with a wide range of programs, including mindful breathing and meditation classes as well as more advanced courses to keep you on the cutting edge.

What to Expect at Knots & Collar - Most Professional Fitness and Martial Arts Studio

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Why Choose Us?

Knots & Collar aims for holistic excellence, blending martial arts with everyday life so that we can achieve a break from stress while achieving optimal physical and mental health through knowledge in various disciplines such as BJJ, Muay Thai, Yoga and Fitness. We emphasize reaching goals via practical application of these disciplines, hence mentally conditioning ourselves for success!

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What People Are Saying

Good studio and good instructors. The course content is good, its intense and 1.5 hours of class will reveal where you stand in terms of fitness and self defense skills.
Aditya Rathore
Been here for around 8 months. The school can deliver whatever your expectations are. It's a friendly place with cool funny instructors that make you feel relaxed and in a familiar environment.
Priya Arya
Honestly one of the best places to get your cardio done if you hate running on treadmills! And you get to learn real self defense in the process too. The instructors are super-friendly and the atmosphere this gym gives off is just out of this world.
Poonam Sharma
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