Why Knots & Collar?

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The idea behind Knots & Collar is multidimensional. By combining the gentle art of Jiu Jitsu and real life, we are a metaphor for excellence in sports, self defense, and physical and mental wellness. At Knots & Collar, we believe that Jiu Jitsu if exercised with consistency, dedication, determination and hard work can give almost any problem in life a kick in the butt.

Knots in Life

Life is one lengthy journey, and it comes with its fair share of obstacles. Fear, diffidence, lack of motivation, and stress are just some of the ‘knots’ one encounters in life. At Knots & Collar, we help counter any such knots by improving morale, motivation, confidence, and cognitive thinking so that each individual has buried within themselves the skills required to conquer any challenge.

Collar in Life

Collar as a metaphor in life has duality in meaning. It can either be used to symbolize failure and suffering by acting as a ‘collar’ that chokes and suffocates you thus bringing you down, or it can be used as a metaphor for taking things as they come, conquering them, and walking with your head held high and ‘collar’ glimmering with success.

Knots in Martial Arts

The belt is one of the most integral aspects in martial arts, as it can tell a lot about the person wearing it. Apart from being a mark of seniority, it signifies leadership, striving, hard work, success, motivation, tenacity, and a whole lot of overcoming. The belt is donned by tying a knot in the front, thus the knot is symbolic of the qualities that are needed to move forward in life.

Collar in Martial Arts

The collar is one of the most integral parts of the uniform. Your own collar can be used to defend yourself from the opponent and prevent defeat, and the opponent’s collar can be used as a weapon to win and conquering obstacles. However, if you aren’t well equipped, your own collar can be used against you.

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