Yoga is everything a human being can do to express themselves. Yoga means “Union” as it unites ones consciousness with that of the Universe. It helps to find the perfect rhythm with one’s soul and Nature. It is a spiritual quest to experience the divine. At Knots & Collar, we believe that yoga is for everyone which means irrespective of your age, your physical capabilities or time of the day there is yoga for you. All you have to do is trust the program and see it strengthen your body while calming your mind at the same time.

Millions of people have rolled out their yoga mats and also experienced great improvement to their physical well-being, from strengthened joints to showing off that recently worked ‘full splits’, from reduced back pain to comfortably sitting on a desk for longer work hours, from improved cardiovascular health to better eating habits, from increased energy levels to better moods. Yoga has endless benefits to offer.

Yoga Pose for Lower back pain
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