Beyond the Badge (BTB)

A defensive Tactics program for law enforcement and military personnel

Not every officer is a gun guy. But every gun guy is accountable for their bullet. On any day, the probability of an army officer getting involved in an armed confrontation is much higher than the average joe.

Imagine a situation where you have a weapon but cannot deploy it at the right moment. With the help of jiujiitsu, you learn not only how to deploy weapons at the right time but also how to keep it safe with you, avoiding misuse by the criminals

Jiu Jitsu works to improve our ability to take focused and timely action in crucial situations. It instills presence of mind and alertness, both of which are imperative attributes for defense personnel. Knowledge of jiujitsu has known to enhance performance in CISF, BSF, body guards etc. BJJ enables the officers to achieve a safe, dominant position hence helping them to make better decisions during criminal encounters. It gives them the option to dictate the pace by establishing greater control over the culprit without harming them unnecessarily.

Brazilian jiujitsu teaches methods to handcuff criminals without using unnecessary force, it also keeps the pracitioner safe. One of the benefits of jiujitsu is that it trains the mind to stay calm through stress inoculation routine. Thus it makes training of army and other defensive units worth every penny as it can help them stay calm even in stressful situations.

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