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Jiu Jitsu for Entrepreneurs (EJJ)

Business and jiu jitsu share a connection in the way they work.

Brazilian jiujitsu is commonly called the Human Chess. Each move opens consequences and directly connects to the next move. The player is responsible for every action and he has to weigh his chances every time.

The thrill behind bjj emanates from its dicey nature. The right move at the wrong timing might turn into the wrong move. However it still doesn’t mean that you have to suffer loss, you can always trade your way back up to success. Its not wrong to say that business is the same.

Set backs are inevitable in business. The difference between successful people and the rest is how they react to their setbacks.

Every day on the mat comes with setbacks. An expert looks at setbacks as an opportunity to improve and grow. A novice looks at his obstacles as an excuse for his or her failure. BJJ equips you with the ability to see struggles as questions and develops in you the problem solving skills thus helping you maintain your calm during those stressful times. Hence, allowing you to dictate the pace by gaining control over the situation.

Every successful business is the result of struggles and hardships he/she overcame. In jiujitsu impossibilities are situations which require techniques that are yet to be discovered. Unlock the true potential of your business by connecting it with your jiu jitsu. They both work with the same set of values; grit, resilience and optimism.

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