Women Empowerment

Every woman deserves to lead a care free, safe life without expecting a threat to her dignity. Homes, workplaces, shopping malls etc. should be spaces that offer women as much actual freedom as they do to men. While the situation has gotten better over the years, as more parts of the community get sensitized and perpetrators receive their much deserved punishments, a complete sanitization of the society is far from true. Women safety in India is still a big concern as they continue to suffer physical assault and violence. And this is exactly why self defense is important in the current times.

Women aren’t­ weaker; they just operate differently from men. While brute force may not be a woman’s strong point, she can always be strong, assertive in setting boundaries. Ironical as it is, setting boundaries verbally, or through body language can be effective enough to drive the assaulter away. Yet most women refrain from doing so. With no proper knowledge of self preservation and self defense for such situations, women are left with no option but to surrender to their fears.

This is where Brazilian Jiu Jitsu comes into picture. Physical techniques are critical but it’s equally important to understand the psychology of the members involved in the assault. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a methodical self defense and fighting system that effectively addresses what to do when the fight goes to the ground. At the end of the day, victory is all about getting home safely. BJJ teaches how to neutralize an assault and how to incapacitate the attacker with a joint lock or chokehold if required.

One of the important aspect of jiujitsu is that it teaches us the Violence Scalibility Factor because not every situation warrants the same degree of violence in our response. This is critical because more than two thirds of the sexual assaults are committed by the people we know. Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches techniques ranging from simple de-escalation techniques all the way to deadly force techniques for worst case scenarios. So no matter who the perpetrator is or what the circumstance, you will always have a plan.


People are cruel, and history is witness to the fact that women have faced a large portion of injustice and cruelty. This stops now. With our women safety and self defense program, we make sure that every woman on this planet is able to counter the perpetrator and is free from brutality in any form.

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