Boxing - The Gentleman's Sport

Boxing is a combat sport between two people fighting with the fists. Boxing has always been a sport from its time in ancient Egypt, from where it is said to be originated, to ancient Greece where it was officially introduced in the Olympics around 600 B.C. Over the course of time, as humans evolved so did the sport of boxing as well. It is not just a sport anymore, but rather a lesson in self defense. Even today, Boxing proves to be an excellent discipline of self defense and for fitness as well.
Boxing when practiced responsibly can teach you strength, discipline and respect which acts as pillars for us at Knots & Collar.

Boxing coaching inside the ring

Apart from the moral values that boxing offers, training in boxing also helps in strengthening the core while boosting the endurance at the same time, can also lead to better reflexes. Here at Knots & Collar, we have designed a program keeping in mind different needs of every individual. Whether you are looking to train in ring for the points or want to burn those extra calories gained during work from home season, we have got the right program for you. Talk to our coaches and get started today.

KC MMA Boxing Focus Mitts
Athlete tired after working out on a punching bags
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