Kali – Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Kali is a weapons based Martial Arts style that primarily uses techniques with a Single Stick or Double Sticks that can be later transposed to Knife or Empty Hands. The introduction to this art starts with learning how to use a stick or training knife so that the practitioner can learn the basics of Filipino Kali and how to use different everyday items as improvised weapons for self defense purposes.

Knife defense

Filipino martial arts also commonly known as “Kali or Arnis or Escrima” is highly effective in real life self defense situations as it equips you with skills ranging from weapons to open hands close quarter combats. Hence, prepares you for the situations whether the confrontation happens in an open field or in a household lift.  One of the many benefits of learning Kali or Anis is the transferability of skills as all the skills learned with weapons are directly transferred as it is with empty hands thus efficiently reducing the time taken to learn Kali.

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